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Probecom is renowned to be customer focused and...


Probecom is renowned to be customer focused and quality oriented. Through the sharp market sense of customer needs and preferences, Probecom has been dedicated to providing Satellite earth station antenna system , TVRO, Customized Products system intergration, Probecom has now developed VSAT, and Especially 3.7m,4.5m,6m ,7.3m, 9m, 11.3m,13m,16m antenna operating at Ka, Ku, X, C, S, or L frequency bands have already played a top leading role in world antenna industry.

C-Band Antennas

Rx: 3.625~4.2Ghz Tx: 5.85~6.425Ghz

C-Band Diplexers

Rx: 3.625~4.2GHz Tx: 5.85~6.425GHz

KU-Band Antennas

Rx: 10.95~12.75Ghz Tx: 13.75~14.5Ghz

KU-Band Diplexers

Rx: 12.25~12.75GHz Tx: 14.0~14.5GHz